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Procomat BV in Best, The Netherlands, is a young dynamic company that is engaged in creating innovative sustainable solutions for waste collection. In this way we contribute to the worldwide litter problem. Our solution consists of a pressing waste bin that runs on solar energy and with a management system linked to it. As a result, waste collection takes place in a more efficient manner. Our solutions can be found in various European cities, but also outside of Europe.

Procomat news

2710, 2020

Verlaag het zwerfafval op een slimme manier met de Zwerfafvalvergoeding

Verlaag het zwerfafval op een slimme manier met de Zwerfafvalvergoeding - Met de Zwerfafvalvergoeding via Nederland Schoon kunt u de zwerfafvalaanpak verbeteren en versterken in uw gemeente. De vergoeding is vanaf 1 november 2020 aan te vragen en hiermee kunnen bijvoorbeeld slimme afvalbakken, onze WasteMates, zeer voordelig aangeschaft worden. De hoogte van de vergoeding is volgens een gebruikelijke verdeelsleutel op basis van het aantal [...]

1409, 2020

Roeselare (Belgium) welcomes our WasteMates

Roeselare (Belgium) welcomes our WasteMates - Our smart waste bin, the WasteMate 120, is now also located in a large number of spots in Roeselare in Belgium. These WasteMates will contribute to efficient waste collection and the reduction of litter. They work entirely on solar energy. Using technical ingenuity, they press the thrown in waste and notify themselves when they need to be emptied. [...]

1308, 2020

Singing WasteMates 120 in Trier

Singing WasteMates 120 in Trier - Since the beginning of August, the city of Trier is testing two WasteMates 120. The city is also examining which sound has the most positive effect on the reduction of litter. The smart waste bin will thank the inhabitant or visitor after disposing of the waste with a song or applause. We will keep you posted about the results. The [...]

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