Procopress® Solar Waste Compactor

The Procopress is a smart solitairy waste compactor for collection of litter, fast food- and other small waste from the public space. On-the-spot compaction of litter allows less frequent collections resulting in less vehicle movements at high traffic moments. The high capacity of the Procopress make expensive additional collections during peak moments or weekends redundant.

  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain.

  • Saving up to 75 % on collection cost and CO2 exhaust

  • GPRS wireless datatransfer – GPS location tracker

  • Compacts over 600-800 liter of waste into a 120 ltr wheelybin

  • Container management via web-portal

  • Sends e-mail notifications for (nearly-)full 

  • Sound effects for increasing attention

  • Programmable remote throw-in opening and -closing

  • Stainless steel version for coastal area’s optionally available

Ergonomic design and highly resistant to vandalisme. Powered by solar energy only. Making the waste collection process more efficient, easier to manage and sustainable by reducing the number of collections.

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